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Unified Payment Interface (UPI), the real-time payment service of India supports immediate money movement between member PSPs, using only a Virtual Payment Address to identify senders and recipients. The scheme benefits all participants – PSPs and their customer segments – consumers, merchants and corporates, addressing their need for speed, convenience and payment certainty.

FSS UPI’s solution for real-time payments equips PSPs with a flexible platform to streamline real-time money movement via the UPI network, and offers the extensibility to cater to a variety of use cases – P2P, P2M, P2C and C2P.

The solution’s gateway connects with the central infrastructure to enable instant push/pull payments based on a virtual address, completing real-time authorizations as well as immediate payment clearing and settlement efficiently.

As customer’s needs evolve over time, the solution allows PSPs to navigate the evolving opportunities in real-time payments by building innovative products on top of their instant payment infrastructure.

Powerful analytics and AI tools coupled with FSS UPI 2.0 can help PSPs reduce real-time payment fraud as well as adjust their strategies for service improvement.


FSS UPI can scale to handle
6,600 transactions per second

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Banks have
deployed FSS UPI

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FSS UPI 2.0 processes over 10%
of the total UPI transactions

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Merchants have been
onboarded on the platform
till date
UPI 2.0 Ready

FSS UPI supports UPI 2.0, offering PSP’s end users newer and safer ways to access the service.

Scheduled payments

With UPI Autopay, customers can set up their payment information once and create a payment schedule for all future payments.

Digitally signed QR codes

FSS UPI 2.0 solution supports the use of digital signatures to secure a QR code allowing payers to verify the source of the signed QR code before making a payment. A digital signature on a QR code can be initiated by either the merchant or a customer, enhancing the security for P2M as well as P2P QR-related payments.

IPO related payments

PSPs can deliver UPI as an alternative payment channel for retail investors, reduces paperwork for intermediaries, shortening the timeline for IPO – related payments.

Biometric authentication

FSS UPI PSP app users can identify themselves with biometrics for real-time money transfers instead of a UPI PIN, enhancing authentication, security ease and reliability.

Inward International Remittance

The platform facilitates the settlement of inward international remittance via UPI.

Instant, Real-time and Secure Payments

Mobile initiated push-pull payments

FSS UPI’s mobile PSP App offers users access to multiple bank accounts and the ability to push and pull funds using a VPA.

Virtual address management

The solution securely maps VPAs created by users and assigns them to their bank account details. During a push or pull transfer by the user, the VPA is translated by FSS UPI and the payment message exchanged with the central infrastructure to complete the payment. Flexibility with the issuance of VPAs - time/amount bound, one-time offers users the ability to better control their payment options.

end-to-end dispute management

FSS MobilePay allows banks to automatically alert the customer whenever transactions exceeding a certain threshold are performed on the account. Any unusual account activities are also confirmed through SMS notifications so customers can take an immediate action.

API/SDK Management

FSS UPI offers API tools as well as mobile SDK kits that enable businesses to accept UPI payments. A mobile SDK kit embedded in the merchant’s mobile application can securely access NPCI’s common libraries for transacting through the UPI network.

Secures Merchant Transactions

The solution ensures that merchant apps have no visibility into customer data during any payment transaction. The solution securely identifies the merchant with a unique transaction reference number which enables easier reconciliation.

Notifies Merchants for Payment Guarantee

When a customer selects Pay by UPI from the Merchant App, the solution invokes all UPI Apps in the customer’s mobile device so users can choose a UPI app of their choice. For all merchant transactions that are completed, FSS UPI PSP sends customers on the confirmation of the payment along with the merchant name.

Convenient Payments for Businesses

Secures merchant transactions

FSS UPI enables PSPs to respond to the increasing corporate demand for real-time payment services for disbursing salaries, pensions and refund claims. Corporate customers can reduce the hassle and costs associated with check disbursements. A simple file upload using a web service or via web GUI transfers funds directly to payee’s accounts within seconds of payment origination.

Notifies merchants for payment guarantee

Business that rely on cash on delivery can benefit from just in time funding, enabling early cash flow and liquidity with FSS UPI. Both parties of the transaction receive confirmation when payments are completed. FSS UPI solution allows additional data such as invoices to be also sent along with the payments aiding reconciliation.

Customer/Merchant Onboarding
and Management

The solution allows merchants with a UPI linked bank account to be onboarded seamlessly after verification. A comprehensive web portal helps PSPs set up merchant profiles, define fees and complex merchant hierarchies,, issue and manage merchant VPAs, and effectively monitor merchant activities such as spikes in activities exceeding thresholds.

Merchant Payments

FSS UPI enables merchants to accept UPI, in-store, over the web and in-app payments

Collect payment requests

Merchants can create a payment request to a VPA via the Merchant PSP app. Merchant initiated payments will appear as a collect request in the customer’s UPI App for authorization. The customer has to simply accept the collect request by entering their UPI PIN and the payment is credited to the merchant after debiting the customer’s account.

QR enabled payments

FSS UPI offers merchants the ability to collect payments via their QR codes displayed on PoS devices and websites. When a customer scans the QR code using any UPI enabled application, the merchant receives an instant notification on the payment settlement.

Shopping cart checkout

Merchants can offer customers the option to pay by UPI on their website.

In-App payments

FSS UPI PSP App can resolve the UPI link embedded in a QR code, android intent, NFC, BLE, UHF and direct customers to the merchant’s payment page within the PSP App to complete a purchase.

Uses Predictive Data to Identify and Mitigate Fraud

FSS UPI can integrate with FSS’s Risk analytics As-a-Service, FSS Sentinel to uniquely build customer and merchant profiles and block suspicious transactions that deviate from normal and expected behavior. Risk Analytics As-a-Service utilizes machine learning to manage payment risks – onboarding risk, agency risk and transaction risk.

Real-time transaction reports

A user interface accessible via the web allows PSP to monitor UPI transactions through dashboards with real-time querying capabilities.

PSPs can view and download standard reports on :

  • Registered users (active/non-active)
  • Transactions
  • Channels
  • Financial/Non-financial transactions
  • Transaction amount
  • User-activity
  • System uptime
  • MIS reports

Protects Real-time Payments

FSS UPI offers maximum security to end users at both the application as well as transaction level.

  • Encrypts all sensitive data stored in the PSP App
  • Secures collect request transactions by notifying the payer of the sender’s name. This way users can block spam collect requests
  • Assures users of verified merchants
  • Enables hard-binding of the mobile device with the mobile number
  • Uses the UPI PIN as the second factor of authentication for debiting the bank account, so customers are always in complete control of their transactions
  • The solution ensures the UPI PIN and OTP are securely captured in the NPCI utilities and libraries embedded within the FSS UPI App
  • Implements two-factor authentication - As the second factor of authentication, PSPs can enable biometric authentication
  • Implements OWASP best practices
Benefits to PSPs
Benefits to Merchants
Benefits to Customers

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Enabling cashless, cardless payments

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