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FSS Tech
FSS Tech

As online commerce grows, the ability to satisfy growing merchant demand for reliable and innovative services has become a point of differentiation for acquirers.

FSS offers a full-stack, white-labelled payment platform that includes payment processing, risk management, in-depth data insights and a range of added value capabilities to address diverse merchant segments.

FSS has a proven 30+ years track record of successfully addressing online transactions, processing needs of Tier One acquiring institutions. FSS Payment Gateway is the online​ payments platform of choice for 60+ leading acquiring banks, payment processors and Central Banks globally, annually processing USD 20B in transaction value.

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FSS Tech

High Service Assurance Even During Peak Traffic Events​

Benchmarked for 4,000 TPS on Oracle Sparc servers with 17M transactions processed in 70 minutes, FSS Payment Gateway can scale to accommodate high –volume workloads , especially peak hour spikes during seasonal events. Across deployments, a fully-redundant, fault-tolerant solution, FSS Payment Gateway has consistently averaged 99.9% availability, and a 92% transaction success rate, guaranteeing assured quality of service.​

Supports A Range of Alternate Payment Mechanisms

FSS Payment Gateway solution offers access to multiple local, regional, and international payment modes, enabling merchants to capture greater sales. Acquirers can drive transactions by supporting multi-channel, multi-currency, multi-payment instruments, one-off payments, scheduled regular fixed, recurring, or variable payments.​

Including all the major wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay), QR Codes, Invoice-based Payments, In-app payments, UPI, Net banking, NEFT, Instant Payments and Debit and PIN, with flexibility to add new payment instruments across digital checkout points.

FSS Tech

Offers Customers Multiple Payment Options

FSS Payment Gateway enables merchants to offer customers multiple​
payment options:

Multi-currency payments
Multi-currency payments

Currency conversion enables international customers to pay in their local currency allowing merchants to target international shoppers and expand globally.

Link based payments
Link based payments

Merchants can send a link via SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp and social media platforms allowing shoppers to pay directly from a tweet or a WhatsApp text encouraging higher transactions. Link Payments will direct customers to a secure payment page where they can pay using any supported instrument.

One-click payments
One-click payments

Allows card details to be saved securely on file encouraging repeat customer behavior. ​

Recurring Payments
Recurring Payments

Supports easy recurring billing options improving billing efficiency and eliminating the hassle of manually re-entering billing or payment details.​

Instant Credit at Checkout​
Instant Credit at Checkout​

Drives sales volumes and conversions with instant credit at checkout based on preconfigured rules and customer transacting history​

Pay Now Button​
Pay Now Button​

Boost conversions and shopper satisfaction by adding a Pay Now button to invoices, price quotes, emails and more​

EMI/ Installment Payments​
EMI/ Installment Payments​

Allows a merchant or acquirer to offer EMI on checkout at low interest rates with a processing fee to encourage customers to spend more.​

Split payments​
Split payments​

Simplifies multi-party settlement for enterprise merchants by managing partner fees, splits, and pay-outs automatically, alleviating accounting and settlement related overheads​

Invoiced Based Payments​
Invoiced Based Payments​

Customers can pay for goods and services post purchase using an instrument of their choice​

Dynamic Currency Conversion​
Dynamic Currency Conversion​

Provides international customers the choice to pay in their own currency and enables acquirers and merchants to reap higher transaction margins​

Multi-lingual Support​
Multi-lingual Support​

Enables merchants to customize the language of checkout forms, facilitating higher conversions​

Multiple Integration Modes

Merchants can setup a merchant account and integrate with FSS Payment
Gateway to start accepting payments quickly and easily.

Quickly add payment functionality to webstore and online to save integration time and dollars ​

Hosted payment pages
Hosted payment pages

Easy-to-integrate, white-labelled hosted checkout option, enables acquirers to on-board long tail of merchants. The checkout experience is customizable to mirror the merchant’s brand and minimizes PCI compliance burden, as sensitive payment details are not stored on merchant systems​

Built for Developers​
Built for Developers​

Developer friendly plugins and libraries for all major languages. RESTful API’s, mobile SDK for Android and iOS helps merchants to easily build intuitive, secure checkout interfaces for desktop and mobile payment flows.​

Shopping cart plugins for <br>eCommerce stores
Shopping cart plugins for
eCommerce stores

Merchants selling on third-party e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento can install plug-ins to start accepting payments in minutes.​

Off-the shelf integration kits ​
Off-the shelf integration kits ​

Merchants that are PCI DSS compliant can access integration kits for all platforms – PHP, Java, dot net from the merchant portal to easily integrate with their sites.​

FSS Tech
Open APIs Creates New Revenue Streams

Payment Gateway exposes APIs to merchants to rapidly scale the number of acquiring points. Transaction APIs allow partners to enable payments on a mobile app or a company’s Twitter or Instagram feed, creating possibilities for contextual payments, beyond simple web checkout.​

FSS Tech

Provides Intuitive Interfaces for Managing Merchants

FSS Payment Gateway’s user-friendly portal helps acquirers configure merchant accounts, services and identify business trends. The portal allows users to:

  • Configure complex merchant hierarchies
  • Set alerts and notifications for merchants
  • Track transactions in real-time
  • Download transaction and operational reports
  • Manage batch uploads
  • Manage returns, voids and disputes

Live Dashboards

The benefits of Payment Gateway include “Analytics as-a-Service” for informed decisioning. Leveraging Big Data capabilities acquirers can perform:

  • Customer Modelling

    Analyses key transaction trends including preferred payment instruments, shopping categories, time of shopping, for improved sales targeting.

  • Transaction Modelling

    Drilldown view into transaction success as well as decline rates.

  • Merchant Modelling

    Profile and segment merchants based on transaction recency, frequency and monetary value to improve overall portfolio profitability.

  • Risk Modelling

    Risk scores merchants and transactions safeguarding customers against fraud.​

FSS Tech

Advanced Fraud Detection Shields Revenues

FSS Payment Gateway extends an array of sophisticated controls to shield revenues and lower risk liability. FSS Shield, modeled on EMVCo2.0 guidelines, is an ML-driven merchant plug-in to distinguish legitimate customers from fraudsters certified by EMVCo, and major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Rule-based risk management

Acquirers can configure risk rules by defining terminal-specific and card-specific transaction limit parameters such as volume, velocity limits and refund amounts permissible.​

Merchant risk profiling

Create merchant risk profile based on parameters such as merchant segment, business model, billing method, products sold, services offered, and previous processing history to minimize risk and fraud exposure on transaction processing.​

Blacklist transactions

For suspect transactions, acquirers can block payments based on card and BIN ranges, IP addresses. When a shopper makes a purchase, FSS Payment Gateway runs checks to compare entries on negative lists with cardholder’s payment data and blocks suspicious transactions.

Real-Time fraud prevention

FSS can offer Risk-Based Analytics as an added value service. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms acquirers can screen payment in real-time to detect unusual patterns and risk score transaction.​

Protects Purchases

Payment Acceptance with FSS Payment Gateway is always secure. Payments through the gateway are protected using:

Two-factor authentication

Ensures safety of online payments via two-factor authentication with an OTP sent to the card-holder's mobile.

End-to-End encryption

Secures sensitive data during transmission across the payment chain.


The service substitutes card data with tokens that are used for transactions eliminating the need to transmit sensitive card information.

Supports 3D secure

Offers a 3D Secure plug-in for authenticating cardholders, reducing exposure to disputed transactions and chargebacks.

PCI DSS compliance

Provide high levels of data security to acquirers.

FSS Tech

Supports Multiple Business Models

FSS supports on-premise, as well as SaaS-based commercial models, exposing open APIs for third-party integration.

FSS hosts the Payment Gateway on FSSNeT, its private data centre headquartered in India, enabling acquirers’ lower upfront costs and adopt an agile operating model for addressing emerging market demand.

FSS Tech


  • Complete Offering: Combines reliable and scalable transaction processing with ML-based risk management, advanced analytics and merchant lifecycle management capabilities enabling acquirers to differentiate offerings.
  • Faster Time to Onboard and Lower TCO: Sass-based delivery model with seamless upgrades results in significant cost-savings related to services monitoring, compliance, security, cost of upgrades.
  • Added Value Services: Added Value services such as link payments, contextual offers, instant credit at checkout, merchant loyalty improve acquirer margins.
  • Open API-driven Architecture: Enables acquirers to build over the top offering such as loyalty,  merchant and risk analytics.
  • FSS Expertise:  Acquirers benefit from three decades of FSS experience in the payments domain which includes working with leading processors and Tier one banks to fulfil their omni-channel payment needs.
FSS Tech

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