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FSS Tech

Evolving consumer behaviors, preference for new-age payment options, and regulatory pressures are impacting the issuance landscape.

The ability to successfully meet these demands is dependent on having the right underlying infrastructure to efficiently manage card operations. Choosing the right partner is critical in ensuring the card services you offer are broad enough to meet all their needs, but tailored enough to be cost-effective for your organization.

FSS Debit Card Management System (Debit CMS) provides outstanding scalability and performance and a state-of-the-art foundation on which to build and expand payment card programs.

FSS has 29 years of experience in helping issuers swiftly modernize systems, adapt to evolving demands, and deliver differentiated card programs.

FSS has extensive experience in large-scale greenfield as well as replacement projects. On its largest migration project, FSS has successfully migrated cardholder data of 200M customers onto FSS CMS and currently processes 600,000 card requests daily.

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Leading global issuers bank on FSS to manage their card programs


Scalable to support card requests daily on a single deployment

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Migrated cards for a leading global financial institution

Key Capabilities

Functionally-Rich Card Management Solution

FSS Debit CMS is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of cards. FSS Debit CMS functionality spans the complete gamut of issuing capabilities to help issuers efficiently manage their debit card portfolios. The system supports registration, verification, card issuance, profile and card data management, card lifecycle management, as well as administration and reporting.

FSS Tech

Flexible Platform for FSS Debit CMS

FSS has a flexible debit card offering. Issuers have a complete overview of all products and cards for each customer with a single card management system.

FSS Debit CMS is ideally suited for new product launches with built-in multi-language, multi-currency and multi-institution support.

Scalable Operations

FSS Debit CMS has the capability to scale with your needs better than any other card management solution, which means issuers can ramp up services quickly and achieve time to market goals:

Flexible business framework
Flexible business framework

FSS Debit CMS supports parameterization of critical business functions to reduce complexity and provide complete flexibility to users to swiftly respond to evolving business trends. Further, the configuration flexibility built into the business logic layer allows issuers to rapidly adapt systems to variations in business. practices, regulatory requirements, and operating environments across regions. This helps reduce costs of interfacing to country-specific processing gateways, payment schemes, credit scoring, and personalization bureau.

Connect web services layer
Connect web services layer

FSS Debit CMS Connect™, a web services API layer, exposes a broad range of APIs to ensure rapid integration with external systems - net banking portals, customer relationship management systems, and mobile banking apps.

Extensible modular design
Extensible modular design

A strong focus on modularisation, ensures a new range of functionality can be continually achieved by plugging added value service modules onto the platform.

FSS Tech
Added Value Services

 FSS added value services place cardholder experience at the center of the service provider’s strategy. In an increasingly customer-driven market, FSS Debit CMS helps issuers differentiate card programs and deliver superior service to scale activation and transaction rates.

Achieve Operational and Marketing
Efficiencies - FSS Paynalytix

Issuers can harness the power of data to identify trends and opportunities, streamline processes, innovate and improve competitiveness. FSS Paynalytix empowers teams with insights to generate efficiencies directly linked to the financial objectives of their programs. Select use cases include:

  • Optimizing the supply chain, distribution, and customer-related processes by identifying at which stage improvement should be made – from pre-issuance to card closure
  • Right-stocking cards via inventory monitoring a per branch level
  • Improving channel performance via proactive fault diagnosis
  • Improving the quality of customer service so they are aware of the problem even before the cardholder calls
  • Testing accuracy and fine-tuning customer segmentation and profiling
  • Launching innovative card products and offers to grow market share and profitability


Empower the Issuer's with Better Spend Control - FSS Toggle

FSS Toggle adds a new dimension to your card program, providing consumers, small businesses and corporations complete control to decide where, when and how to use cards. Using the FSS Toggle app cardholders can manage card accounts better by defining usage parameters along a range of attributes including:

  • Dollar amount limits
  • Merchant category
  • Transaction type
  • Channel type (POS/ATM)
  • Time and geographic location

Customers can also receive real-time alerts on card activity and have an option to block and unblock cards.

A scalable solution, Toggle is easy to implement as it supports all major device platforms (IOS, Android) and integrates easily into your banking platform.


Delight and Reward Customers - FSS Loyalty Manager

Active cardholder engagement determines the success of your card program. FSS Loyalty Management allows you to incentivize spends and maximize cardholder lifetime value. Card issuers can ramp up their card products with best-in-class rewards and benefits program, designed to bring measurable changes in cardholder usage and spending patterns.

Cardholders earn points based on purchase value and spend patterns and can trade points for rewards, driving profitable behaviour. Both earning and redemption follow a set of defined rules.

Card program managers can flexibly define and manage the complete lifecycle of a loyalty program. This includes:

  • Creation and deployment of targeted loyalty promotions
  • Attaching loyalty program to a card program
  • Configuration and management of redemption policies
  • Monitor member statements and manage communication

Issuers benefit in terms of expanded pool of active cardholders, lower acquisition costs and improved card program profitability.

Accelerate Activation Time with Electronic PINs - Green Pin

FSS Green Pin optimises card activation time as well as overheads related to PIN printing, despatch and shipment. Customers have the flexibility to generate the card PIN at a time and location most convenient to them using multiple self-service channels – IVR, mobile, ATM and Online banking. Green Pin can integrate with existing third-party card host systems or can be deployed with FSS’ Debit CMS.

Instant Convenience and On-Demand Issuance

FSS Instant Issuance helps you elevates quality of customer service. FSS Instant Issuance provides a new way to engage consumers by issuing personalized, ready-to-use, cards on the spot for new account openings and unexpected card replacement events.

Issuers offering instant cards eliminate traditional delays associated with delivery of new accounts, compromised, lost or stolen cards. The ability to place ready-to-use, fully-functional cards on-demand is a critical step for:

  • Driving top-of-wallet placement
  • Increasing activation and usage rates by an approximate 15%
  • Improving card revenues for the financial institution
  • Differentiating services and improving customer satisfaction

Issuers have the flexibility to deliver magnetic stripe and EMV debit cards in-branch or in-store or even directly to a mobile device. Customers can also select debit cards and PINs of their choice.

FSS Instant Issuance is compliant with Visa and MasterCard security guidelines and is PCI-DSS certified. In addition, it offers end-to-end data encryption during the entire card issuance process.

Why FSS for CMS?

Trusted, experienced partner
Trusted, experienced partner

The platform’s technology benefits from our experience spanning 25+ years’ and deep institutional knowledge in supporting over 100 clients in 70+ countries. We understand the needs of card issuers as we power card operations for 25+ financial institutions and are the world’s leading processor of card payments, issuing 800M cards annually. Further detailed product roadmap allow our customers to continually innovate and keep pace with dynamic market changes and new demands.

Transforming card operations
Transforming card operations

FSS has extensive experience in greenfield installations as well as successfully implementing large-scale replacement projects. On our largest migration project for a large Asian Bank, we have successfully migrated data of 200M cardholders enabling them to move away from legacy deployments and ramp-up operations.

Flexible commercial models
Flexible commercial models

FSS provides a range of flexible commercial option, designed to offer the best TCO to our clients. Banks can opt for Capex or Opex based delivery models. In addition, FSS assumes turnkey responsibility for the complete lifecycle management of card programs including branding, issuance, processing and servicing, allowing banks to variabalize costs.

Benefits We Deliver
FSS Tech

Associated Products and Services

Smart Reconciliation

Simplifying reconciliation operations

Payment Analytics

Maximize business performance with data-driven insights

Debit Card Processing

Drive enhanced customer experiences with innovative, quick-to-market card products

Prepaid CMS

Single card management system – multiple uses

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