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With rapid growth in digital payments, the use of prepaid is growing across customer segments. Banks and Fintechs are looking at quickly rolling out innovative card programs to increase their customer base and sustain loyalty.

Partnering with FSS can drive cost efficiencies while accruing benefits such as scalability, versatility on a pay per use model. FSS’s comprehensive portfolio of prepaid card issuance and processing services enables financial institutions to offer multiple card variants such as transit, GPR, corporate, NCMC, travel, meal card etc. to serve customers more efficiently, securely and profitably. Domain experts support complete lifecycle management of cards while adhering to best-in-class industry standards.

End-to-end Prepaid Processing

Strong Product Capabilities

FSS Prepaid Card Issuance and Processing Services are based on FSS CMS, a future ready
product that supports latest technologies.


Multi-purse, multi-lingual, and multi-time zone framework


Rule-based configurable interface for designing and defining the Prepaid program


Tiered program structure for fees, limits, and loyalty to meet business revenue targets


Complete card control on the go, with the option to enable location-based controls, transaction limit controls and more


In-branch and instant card issuance


In-depth reports to track critical business and operational parameters including sales, inventory and more

Comprehensive Web Portals

  • Self-service portals for cardholders’ convenience
  • Call centre support portal
  • Merchant and agent portals
  • Corporate portal
  • Bank, branch, and operator portals for administration and governance

Wide Partner Network

FSS partners with multiple card suppliers and personalization bureaus to offer card printing and shipment services.

Roll Out Innovative
Card Products

We enable prepaid card issuers to rapidly expand their product portfolio and rollout innovative card products.Business rules enable prepaid card issuers to offer new products or make changes to the existing products quickly and cost effectively in order to cater to changing consumer requirements. In addition, the loyalty management module helps you differentiate card products and enhance customer experience.  

Faster Time to Market

Prepaid card issuers have the flexibility to chose standard or tailored services models and  can go live within six to eight weeks.   

Gain Competitive Advantage

Technological advances, changing customer demands and regulatory requirements are compelling banks to upgrade their systems. Given this scenario, banks are realizing the potential benefits of upgrading and using a platform-based system for cards management. Partnering with a third-party processor (TPP) can enable banks reduce their capital expenditure in upgrading their legacy systems and delivering efficient card services.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our single platform environment enables you to offer several products under one roof, thereby reducing your operating costs. Get access to a robust system built to handle large volumes of cards without manual intervention. We assist you to free up resources and bandwidth to focus on providing strategic services that augment the bottom line.

Associated Products and Services

Debit Card Processing

Drive enhanced customer experiences with innovative, quick-to-market card products

Instant Issuance Services

Deliver ‘now’ purchasing power and ‘wow’ customer experience

Green PIN

On-demand, multi-channel card activation

Prepaid CMS

Single card management system – multiple uses


Total card control

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