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As technology evolves so do customer banking expectations. New age customers place a premium on interactive, engaging and personalised services. In a post-web and digital era, conversational user interfaces are becoming an increasingly popular customer interaction paradigm. Empowered customers are turning towards new conversational platforms for everyday access to digital services.

Progressive bankers, in response, are enhancing their digital strategy and embracing conversationled banking to deliver contextual service experiences at scale and strengthen brand affiliation. FSS Voice Commerce enables banks to capitalise on the new market opportunity, deepen customer engagement via personalised services and achieve operational excellence.

Key Capabilities

Platform independent

FSS Voice Commerce is designed to support multiple voice assistants such as Google Home, Alexa and Siri

Extensible to multiple platforms, multiple voice bots, mobile applications, web applications, third party applications

Pre-Integrated interfaces

Supports pre-integrated with a multitude of bank’s products and services such as Retail banking, Personal Finance Management, Debit and Prepaid card management system

Strong Security

Multi factor authentication

Reliable password protected authorizations

Tokenization to protect sensitive information

AI and NLP capabilities

Equipped with machine learning algorithms, the solution responds intelligently to voice commands enabling customers to perform banking tasks easily

Continuous learning: The solution is capable of learning continuously with ongoing transactions, broadening the bots’ understanding with time. So, the banks need to train the bots for different set of transactions becomes lesser with time

Seamless customer engagement

A persistent flow of information coupled with the voice bot’s built-in cognitive capabilities, helps banks ascertain customer transaction patterns and deliver services tailored to user needs and preferences

Seamless and quick customer onboarding

FSS voice commerce has an option to on-board customers. Once on-boarded customer shall be able to avail financial and non-financial services offered by the banks by using smart voice devices

Case Studies

Banks and financial institutions can use voice technology to provide individuals with customized, personalized banking experiences to improve their customer experience.

Users can:

  • Ask for bank account balances, pending payments, merchant payments, bill payments or deposits
  • Request analysis of current financial health and leverage transaction data for predictive insights to increase savings
  • Ask about transaction history and how to reallocate extra budget
  • Obtain information on category-focused spending and expenses
  • Make donations and transfer funds
  • Recharge wallets and make credit card payments
  • Customers can set limits on their credit card or debit card accounts

Voice applications for payments offer an opportunity for financial service providers to differentiate and deliver personalized banking services.

Users can:

  • Schedule and make payments to providers and credit cards
  • Transfer money between accounts or deposit money
  • Send money to beneficiaries using payment applications like FSS Mobile Pay or any other banks application or a third-party integrator
  • Ask about transaction history with information on future or outstanding bills

Offering services through Alexa Skills or Google Assistant Actions can open new doors for lenders and help to streamline the process.

Users can:

  • Ask about the latest interest rates on mortgage loans and explore refinancing options
  • Obtain information on small business loans and how to get access to working capital
  • Ask about personal loans for major expenses or debt consolidation

Banks Can Leverage FSS Voice Commerce

Integrating the voice interaction with digital touchpoints across the customer journey

Organizations are changing their business models and product distribution or rethinking the role of the branch all in an effort to better address how consumers interact and use their financial products

Superior automatic speech recognition (ASR) of providers

Trained for higher vocabulary ranking, provides context intelligence and enables natural language processing

Speed to market

Pre-built bots help the bank to begin the Conversational Banking journey; a bot builder framework enables the bank to extend and customize bots and build new bots to meet their tactical and strategic Conversational Banking objectives

Built for banking

Enterprise-grade and purpose-built for banking

Omnichannel support

 Support deployment of a single bot configuration across many channels, with centralized management capabilities

Digital API

Voice banking  provides a common digital API that can be used by any channel to construct truly differentiated user experiences and offerings



FSS Voice Commerce


FSS Voice Commerce

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