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Harnessing India Stack’s open digital infrastructure can help banks replace costly and time-consuming procedures involving document management and verification.

FSS eSign and FSS Digilocker Gateway services enable Application Service Providers to create a paperless service experience for customers by invoking India Stack’s open APIs including Aadhaar Authentication, eSign, and Digilocker.

Digital signatures obtained via FSS eSign Gateway are legally binding as the solution connects with empaneled eSign Service Provider (ESPs), licensed Certifying Authorities (CAs) to procure the digital signature.

Users of the eSign service can also access their documents available in the central digital lockers linked to their Aadhaar number, digitally sign documents and share with requestors to open a new account, apply for a loan and eNACH.

Instant Digital
Signing Convenience

FSS eSign Gateway users can sign and manage documents from any device - desktop or mobile. The system can also fetch documents to be self-attested from an Aadhaar-holder’s personal DigiLocker account.

Supports OTP based eKYC for eSigning

FSS eSign consumes the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) API’s for instant eKYC and digitally sign documents by using  a one-time password.

Manage and Share Documents

Users can push documents to their personal DigiLocker account and share a unique link to the digitally signed document via mobile, SMS and e-mail with requesters.

Meets Security, Regulatory and Authentication Requirements

During the entire process, FSS eSign and Digilocker Gateways protect the privacy of the signer's information and transmit only an encrypted format of the document.

Conforms with UIDAI standards
Provides complete audit trails for transaction traceability
Supports OTP based authentication to reduce fraud risk
Supports PKI encryption standards
Does not store customer related sensitive information protecting customer privacy

Flexible Deployment

Hosted on FSSNeT, FSS’ private cloud, enables services consumption on a pay-per-use model, eliminating the need for technology investments.

A Wide Range of Use-Cases

  • Financial sector

    A prospective customer can instantly open a bank account by digitally signing and completing the online eKYC process.

    Users can provide access to the DigiLocker account for banks and financial institutions to review the self-attested documents submitted for any financial services.

  • Telecom

    Users can walk into a store, enter their Aadhaar Number, authorize eKYC and eSign using OTP and walk out with a SIM Card.

  • Passport

    A citizen can apply for a passport online and send the repository link to documents for verification. The newly issued passport is stored in their DigiLocker account and can be self-attested for any future use.

  • Transport Department

    Users can apply for driving  license, renew vehicle registration online.

  • Educational

    Students can access their educational certificates from the DigiLocker account, self-attest and share.

  • Medical

    Patients can upload health and immunisation records, test results, and other medical documents for easy tracking and quick access. Hospitals can issue various records to an individual’s account with their consent.

Benefits to ASPs
Benefits to Customers

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