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The Payment Platform for Digital Acceleration

Banks and payment players have long grappled with the limitations imposed by heavy, monolithic architectures. The challenges of scalability, complexity, maintenance, and slow-release cycles have hindered their ability to keep pace with the industry's high demands. These constraints have underscored the need for a more agile, scalable, and resilient technological framework in the banking and payments industries.

BLAZE is a cloud native microservices based platform that offers seamless growth, uninterrupted performance, and effortless integration with modern day digital banking solutions.

Together, these principles help us ensure an to accelerated time to market, equip our customers with dynamic scalability, plug and play capabilities and complete adherence to modern day payment compliances, while covering all critical aspects of the business and service offering.

Advanced Payment Solutions That Drive Value

Microservice Based

Hybrid-Multi Cloud infrastructure

Faster Time-To-Market

Seamless and Risk-Free Migration

Cloud Native & Kubernetes Native

Smart AI/ML Backed Insights

Anti-fragile and Fault Tolerant

High Observability

Delivering Security by Design

FSS BLAZE ensures development with a streamlined Dev-Sec-Ops approach within its framework and follows robust security measures across all phases of technology development. This approach integrates automated tools for continuous security reports during every new development, addressing concerns comprehensively.

Phase 1

Planning, security analysis, and training initiatives are set at the foundation of every product development at FSS

Phase 2

Planning, security analysis, and training initiatives are set at the foundation of every product development at FSS

Learn from our in-house platform expert Mr. Anirban Roy, Vice President - Engineering and Architecture
how BLAZE stands to transform banking as we know it
Get More Out of Your Banking With BLAZE

Tap into the power of instant payments and build a range of real-time use cases

FSS Unified Issuance Platform
FSS Unified Issuance Platform

Accelerate digital payments at the speed of commerce

Smart Reconciliation
Smart Reconciliation

Fast, Accurate Zero-Touch Transaction Reconciliation


Accelerate digital adoption on the new FSS Product Platform - BLAZE

Banks are left with no option but to adopt digital banking in a major way if they hope to compete, and mass digitisation is no longer a choice but an inevitability, banks must now embrace digital banking and build a payment ecosystem for the future. Learn how your bank can achieve this with BLAZE.

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