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With the rapid growth of the ATM footprint, banks face challenges in effectively monitoring and auditing transactions. Stringent regulatory and customer redressal mandates place pressure on banks to provide timely resolution. Complex and tedious reconciliation processes, however, place restrictions on the bank’s efficiency in meeting dynamic regulatory and compliance requirements.

FSS’ File Exchange Services consolidate, manage and streamline electronic journal data management, content distribution and marketing services across your widely dispersed ATM network to drive effective reconciliation, strategic business promotion and growth.

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Proven efficiency on
effectively connected ATMs

Proven Efficiency of 100% on
Effectively Connected ATMs

Over the last 15 years, we have established a proven track record of 100 percent efficiency in effectively connected ATMs. Our efficient remote electronic journal management across your ATM network provides superior data management, faster reconciliation and issue resolution. Our skilled and experienced professionals help you gain enhanced visibility and accessibility to transaction details to ensure timely dispute resolution and regulatory compliance.

Streamlined EJ Pulling

  • Easy file transfer scheduling, collection and distribution across ATM networks
  • Centralized management of journal data
  • Secure and real-time EJ retrieval by leveraging in-house vendor agnostic tool
  • Scheduled EJ logs extraction during lean hours for high ATM availability

Efficient Data and Content

  • Optimized data transfer and network utilization
  • Remote software updates
  • Superior all-in-one reader for easier readability
  • On-demand delivery of content to remote ATMs
  • MIS reporting for improved decision making

Enhanced Efficiency

File exchange services from FSS enhance the efficiency of ATMs by leveraging sophisticated processes like automated EJ collection from a centralized location, on-demand delivery of content to remote ATMs, remote software updates, optimized network utilization and all-in-one reader for easier readability.

Improved Security

Effective monitoring mechanism for tracking data distribution, industry-standard encryption and superior regulatory compliance assure improved security for critical financial data.

Optimized Network Utilization

Optimized network utilization measures include compression of multiple EJ files during data transfer, scheduling of EJ logs extraction in batches and during lean hours and automatic restarts in the event of failure.

Improved Customer Engagement

Timely and on-demand display of marketing information, regulatory announcements and seasonal promotions enable better customer engagement.

Associated Services

ATM Monitoring Services

Enhanced ATM availability for uninterrupted profitability

ATM Managed Services

FSS ATM managed services enable banks to efficiently rationalize monitoring and ensure proactive maintenance, uninterrupted services

ATM End to End Services

Managed services with additional components of ATM deployment and caretaker services

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