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The world ATM markets are expected to grow at a brisk pace driven by demand from India, China and other developing regions. Banks are looking to outsource ATM deployment and management to expert partners for service efficiency at reduced costs. This would enable them to focus on their core business initiatives.

Successful ATM deployment and management poses significant challenges in terms of location, infrastructure, physical security, regulatory compliance and directives on financial inclusion. With increasing operational costs, banks are pressured with the need to improve profitability and margins without compromising on the timeliness and reliability of deployment and management of ATMs.

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Deploying Delight for
Cardholders and Banks

Deep expertise of FSS in ATM deployment paves a smooth and obstacle-free road for banks to build and scale up their network of ATMs, ensuring maximum benefit for card holders and profitability for banks. Leveraging strong vendor partnerships with various ATM, UPS, VSAT, AC manufacturers, consumables and cash management companies ensures timely deliveries and seamless installations.

End to End ATM Services

  • Location Sourcing
  • Site Preparation
  • ATM Deployment
  • ATM Security Services
  • ATM Managed Services
  • File Exchange Services
  • ATM Monitoring
  • Cash Management
  • Field Support
  • Caretaker Services

Supported by well-established infrastructure, expert recommendations from FSS bring in intelligent approaches for rapid deployment to ensure high revenues, optimum uptime, business continuity, high scalability and increased efficiency at reduced costs. Moreover we support ‘deployment-on-demand’ with sites being made operational within a short span of time, even in remote locations.

Rapid Deployment

Robust Caretaker Services

To ensure robust security and better upkeep of ATM facilities, FSS offers Caretaker services. We act as a single agency and point of contact for all Caretaker services irrespective of the ATM location. Our multi-partner caretaker agency arrangement ensures the availability of best fit partners for banks. Caretaker services ensure proactive monitoring of ATMs onsite and avert threats thereby enabling banks to provide secure transaction.

Comprehensive Field
Management Services

FSS provides comprehensive field management services to ensure secure transacting environment and maintenance of the ATM network to ensure delivery excellence. This includes site management, housekeeping services, caretaker services, power supply management, incident management, marketing support to bank, transaction improvement, relocation of ATMs etc. Leveraging mobile based application, FSS empowers the field delivery teams to provide quality services to customers in real time and helps optimize operations and accelerate call resolution.

Improved Revenues

We observe various data points including transaction pattern analysis, customer behavioral trends, geographical demographics, population density etc. to identify high transaction potential sites for enhanced profitability.

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ATM Monitoring Services

Enhanced ATM availability for uninterrupted profitability

File Exchange Services

Improve agility and compliance through remote file exchange services and content management

ATM Managed Services

FSS ATM managed services enable banks to efficiently rationalize monitoring and ensure proactive maintenance, uninterrupted services

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