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Cardholders expect ATM networks to function 24*7. To deliver an assured service experience banks need a round-the-clock ATM monitoring system to provide visibility into the performance of their multi-vendor, multi-technology ATM networks.

Globally, FSS ATM Monitoring Solution manages a fleet of 40,000 ATMs for Tier-one banks.

FSS ATM Monitoring Software proactively identifies faults, optimizes IT cost, improves quality of service, manages risk, and provides transparency for monitoring system infrastructure. Banks can gain visibility into their ATM networks


Banks globally have deployed
FSS ATM Monitor


Monitors fleet of

0 %

Service uptime
across locations


Compliant with
PCI DSS guidelines

Supports Multiple Monitoring Models

FSS ATM Monitoring Solution tracks terminal health in real-time, basis feed received from the Switch or remote agents installed on the ATM terminal. The system automatically generates tickets for device faults.

End-to-end service monitoring

Service monitoring and management enables banks to reduce service cost through accurate ATM fault detection and resolution. The Service Manager manages the end-to-end fault management process from proactive identification to closure in line with contracted SLAs. ATM Manager provides strong troubleshooting capabilities, with metrics collected and reported at a one-second granularity rate and is supported by automated workflows for classifying incidents based on criticality and for managing escalations based on pre-defined conditions for quicker fault resolution.

Mobile-enabled service management improves productivity

FSS ATM Monitoring Solution provides business- and service-oriented performance views and can be customized to address senior management needs as well as cater to ATM operations team, who require a more granular services view. Field personnel can monitor system health and track trouble tickets on their mobile devices, receive geo-based alerts improving response time as well as productivity, as it saves multiple field visits.

Supports Efficient
of Cash

FSS ATM Monitor analyses cash dispensation patterns to align supply and demand at each terminal and deliver a superior service experience. Using predictive algorithms and a range of historic parameters including withdrawal patterns, seasonal demand patterns, service days, currency and denomination status and minimal residual cash percentages, banks can streamline cash management and prevent understocking as well as overstocking. In addition, detailed reports enable banks to analyse variance between actual and projected demand, furthering cash-handling efficiencies.

Inventory Control for Streamlining Terminal Updates

A built-in inventory control module provides real-time information on terminals as well as the hardware configuration, firmware and software systems such as OS and any other business software example anti-virus systems to streamline terminal updates.

Simplifies ATM Journal
Data Management

FSS ATM Monitor’s FileX module facilitates remote file collection (EJ Pulling) for reconciliation as well as content and image distribution across the bank’s ATM network.

Monitors Transactions
for Potential Fraud

FSS ATM Monitor offers banks a centralized view of suspicious events across the ATM network. FSS ATM Monitor’s rule- based framework flags suspect transactions across multiple dimensions – transaction type, BIN range, customer type, merchant type, terminal id as well as transaction volume and velocity, with automatic alerts being triggered when transactions do not match the pattern of the corresponding customer or terminal or critical threshold is breached. This prevents and limits losses whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Actionable Service Intelligence Improves Business Performance

Actionable service intelligence enables banks achieve 360-degree visibility into business and operations and optimally model service improvements. Channel managers benefit from on-demand access to data through customized, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting capabilities. In addition to out-of-the-box reports, customers have the flexibility to create customizable dashboards based on any parameter or periodicity to gain a contextual view of network, service and terminal performance. The reporting profiles include:

Transaction trends

View real-time as well as historic transaction trends on an ATM or across the fleet

ATM uptime

Track operational and out of service ATMs

Service faults

Identify error types and frequencies at the ATMs based on card, terminal and service failures to track critical KPIs, pinpoint root cause of failure for remedial action

Cash availability

Gain insights into cash positions at each ATM terminal and streamline cash management by eliminating overstocking as well as understocking

ATM surveillance

Generate anomalous transaction reports to stem fraud losses on the network

EJ files

Smooth working of onward processes such as reconciliation

Terminal inventory

On-demand inventory dashboards provide details on terminal hardware and software

Robust Security

FSS ATM Monitor delivers maximum protection and highest standards of security with:

  • Extensive audit tracking capabilities
  • Sensitive data encryption of messages
  • IP based restrictions
  • Data transmission through secure socket connection (SSL)
  • File encryption and decryption using PKI and dynamic DES while transmitting and receiving
  • PA-DSS compliant and OWASP compliance

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