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Omni-channel is a macro-trend defining digital payments. For acquirers, a proliferation of channels, the blurring of lines between in-store, online and mobile channels, and expanded payment options create new opportunities for business expansion. Success in the new environment depends on the ability to deliver services to merchants that are cross-channel by design.

FSS Merchant Hub is built to deliver business and operations excellence. The Merchant Hub unites retail, internet and mobile in a single omni-channel solution, consolidating critical business functions -- merchant hub onboarding, risk management, accounting and settlement – to deliver a superior service across channels. As an example, a centralized onboarding process, as opposed to verifying the merchant hub for each payment channel, for improved

time to market. A consolidated view of business processes across multiple transaction channels and merchant hub accounts streamlines operations and improves business agility.

Importantly, the Merchant Hub is vendor and channel agnostic and works independently of the overlying front-end systems, meaning it can be integrated with any existing solution without the need for expensive and time-consuming migration. Acquiring institutions can deploy the Merchant Hub in conjunction with FSS Acquirer products or integrate with the existing multi-vendor environment. Additionally, acquirers have the flexibility to adopt a progressive approach, deploying the solution individually on the channel or channels of their choice, example Payment Gateway, or across all channels.

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Deployments in India and Middle East
Manages all Payment Activities of the Merchant Hub

Merchant management system simplifies and consolidates critical functions to efficiently manage merchants of all types and sizes.

Merchant on-boarding

Multi-channel merchants can be on - boarded quickly with a single Merchant KYC & onboarding process. An intuitive GUI allows acquirers to onboard merchants digitally, optimizing the onboarding time.

Complex merchant hub hierarchy and terminal definition

Acquirers can easily set up hierarchies for complex merchant hub structures and group merchant relationships by geography, merchant type, location, group, corporate structure or business type.

Interchange management

The solution supports clearing and settlements with multiple interchanges – VISA, Mastercard, Rupay, Diners, JCB, UnionPay International, Amex.

Flexible pricing and settlement

Acquirers can set up a billing structure tailored to a merchant’s business needs. Different merchant entities within the hierarchy can be tied to a specific fee structure. A flexible clearing and settlement module allows multiple settlement cycles in a day.

Automated dispute processing

Dispute Management capabilities automate workflows related to case opening, tracking and reporting. Dynamic workflows based on card products, network, issuer-acquirer and other factors build key efficiency measures into the individual case management process. This allows for significant time savings within each case and improved merchant satisfaction.

FSS Tech
Flexible Fee Structures for Better Acquirer Margins

FSS Merchant Hub offers acquirers a highly flexible fee configuration module to create tailored pricing plans based on merchant profiles, channels, transaction volume, value and merchant hub risk score. The multiple pricing options include:

  • Tier-based fee
  • Transaction-based fee
  • Special period fee
  • Recurring charges
  • Interchange plus pricing

Acquirers have the complete flexibility to define unique pricing models using singular or multiple parameters.

Multiple Channels and Modes of
Accepted Transactions

The platform supports online as well as in-store channels. All digital payments initiated via the Payment Gateway, POS device, IVR, mobile and kiosk are automatically settled with the merchant hub according to the settlement options configured.

FSS Tech

POS Device

FSS Tech


FSS Tech

Payment Gateway

FSS Tech

Kiosk Payment

Merchant Hub Self-Service Capabilities

Merchants have access to a web-based portal to self-manage their accounts, track financials, perform data inquiries, submit dispute related documents and download reports.

The portal also provides access to a range of transaction reports and dashboards on daily sales, chargebacks and fees to run their businesses and offers merchants greater visibility into transactions

FSS Tech
FSS Tech
Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

FSS Merchant Hub complements an acquirer’s existing payments infrastructure with the capability to interface with third-party applications, protecting existing investments. Acquirers also have the flexibility to integrate with a single channel and progressively add-on channels to meet evolving business needs. 

FSS Tech
An Intuitive Web Portal
for Acquirers

Acquirers can configure services for merchants and access transaction data from a central location. Intuitive reports enable acquirers to drilldown to specific information pertaining to transactions, chargebacks and retrievals.

FSS Tech
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Processing and Settlement

FSS Merchant Hub supports dynamic currency conversion offering an additional revenue stream to acquirers and merchants. The DCC module enables merchant settlement in the local currency. Acquirers can access a web portal to configure margins and the percentage of revenue to be shared with merchants on DCC transactions.

FSS Tech
Terminal Inventory
Tracking and Management

FSS Merchant Hub can interface with a Terminal Management and Monitoring system to manage, monitor and track terminal stock position for optimized usage of available inventory and efficient stock forecasting.

Faster and Streamlined Settlement

FSS Merchant Hub consolidates all merchant payables and receivables in one place to simplify the merchant settlement process. The flexibility of daily settlement helps merchants access funds credited to their accounts on a daily basis.

FSS Merchant Hub supports multiple file formats for merchant settlement process which aid merchants in reconciling daily sales. The system helps acquirers perform clearing and settlement with card schemes.

Comprehensive Dashboards

A comprehensive set of analytical and reporting tools provides acquirers a  360-degree  view of their business.  Acquirers can measure business performance along a range of parameters: 

  • Transactions
  • Risk and Fraud
  • Merchant fees, adjustment and settlement
  • Interchange and schemes
  • Dispute
FSS Tech
FSS Tech
Provides Cross-Channel Insights

FSS Merchant’s cross-channel insights helps acquirers make intelligent decision to improve business agility, tailor better product offerings for respective business segments, enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

FSS Tech
Risk and Fraud Management

The solution’s advanced risk management framework helps lower chargeback volumes. The solution can detect:

  • Multiple swipes at same merchant hub location for the same amount
  • High-value local and international transactions
  • Suspect BINs, cards
  • Suspect merchant hub category codes

As an additional safeguard measure, the solution supplements offline risk checks with merchant risk information and transaction level fraud data from interchanges.

Effective Security Controls to Successfully Minimize Fraud

FSS Merchant Hub implements security controls to reduce merchant hub and
acquirer liability.

Secure storage of card data
Secure storage of card data
Key management as per<br/>PCI PA DSS requirements
Key management as per
PCI PA DSS requirements
Role-based access control <br/>for user authentication​
Role-based access control
for user authentication​

Supports Multiple Deployment

The solution can be licensed or hosted on FSSNet, FSS private cloud, or in a third-party cloud – in line with business needs of acquiring institutions.

Benefits to Bank
FSS Tech
Benefits to Banks
FSS Tech
  • Unified system for managing the complete merchant portfolio, eliminates operational redundancies and optimises cost to serve
  • Integration with existing systems preserves existing investments
  • ‘’Single source of truth” for all merchant data generates new opportunities for monetization and driving operational efficiencies
  • 29+ years experience in the payments domain, we are a
    preferred acquiring partner for leading Tier 1 banks globally
  • State-of-the-art Tier 3 data centre, providing assured
    business continuity for all services

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