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Payments are a two-sided business, with the utility of the payment instrument dependent upon the number of points customers can transact. FSS eFinclusiv, an integrated payments suite, is designed to address the two-sided nature of payments. FSS eFinclusiv leverages the India Stack to bring consumers, merchants and suppliers of financial services, onto a single platform, generating network effects and fueling transaction growth. For customers, eFinclusiv supports account opening, cash deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, and payments.

The system supports card-based and cardless transactions using the customer’s biometric (Aadhaar -- India’s national id) throughout the process. For merchants, FSS eFinclusiv offers a Unified merchant app enabling biometric-based payment acceptance using their mobile device. In besides, FSS eFinclusiv exploits the capabilities of the India Stack to offer electronic Know Your Customer, eSign and Aadhar Vault capabilities for cost-efficient and secure services delivery.

Financial Inclusion Key Solution Components

FSS eFinclusiv, hosted on FSS NeT, eliminates the need for upfront technology investments, thereby, transforming the economics and the ability to innovate for underserved segments.

Built leveraging the India Stack, FSS eFinclusiv offers a complete digital payments solution for advancing financial inclusion and empowering underserved segments. The solution components include: 

FSS eFinclusiv’ modular architecture offers digital financial service providers the flexibility to deploy all or select service components. Hosted on FSSNeT, FSS’ private cloud, eFinclusiv enables services consumption on a pay-per-use model.

FSS Tech

Aadhaar-enabled e-KYC processes to help service providers fulfill their Know Your Customer requirements and have reduces costs and time.

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Allows customers with a valid Aadhaar card and a registered mobile number to use the service to sign documents, enabling a range of use cases from remote merchant on-boarding to supplier contacts and payments

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Digilocker Gateway

Allows customers to save as well as fetch personal documents from a cloud-based repository (Digilocker account) for eSigning, Account, Loan Opening, eNACH

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FSS eFinclusiv exposes APIs enabling digital service providers profitably collaborate with third-party service providers. The eFinclusiv APIs includes cash withdrawals, deposits, digital KYC and more. Banks benefit as it helps them expand the services ecosystem and rapidly grow market share

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Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services

A doorstep agent banking solution, FSS AEPS leverages digital technology to expand the bank’s presence beyond traditional branches and provide services to dispersed rural and peri-urban populations

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Aadhaar Pay

Builds a scalable, acceptance network by enabling micro-merchants to use low-cost mobile devices for accepting Aadhaar-based payments.

Why FSS Turnkey managed services

FSS eFinclusiv, hosted on FSS Net, eliminates the need for upfront technology investments, thereby, transforming the economics and the ability to innovate for underserved segments.

FSS offers a turnkey managed service offering, making it a preferred service provider 

FSS Tech
eFinclusiv software-as-a-service

FSS eFinclusiv Offers digital financial service providers the flexibility to select components in line with business needs

FSS Tech
eFinclusiv marketplace

FSS eFinclusiv marketplace brings together terminal vendors, corporate business correspondents, and technology partners for added value services under a single umbrella to offer value-added services

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eFinclusiv business support services

FSS eFinclusiv manages the complete lifecycle of the merchant as well as reconciles and settles transactions

Cost-Efficient Alternative to Conventional Payment Methods

FSS eFinclusiv enables banks to bank reshape the economics of conventional acceptance models. Instead of conventional card rails, transactions can be routed over lower-cost rails -- UPI or Aadhaar Payment Networks, significantly lowering interchange costs for merchants. eFinclusiv can offer merchants a unified merchant app to accept payments using any instrument Bharat QR codes, wallets, card and PIN. Merchants can also leapfrog expensive, legacy POS solutions and accept customer payments using existing mobile devices.

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Open APIs Build
Pathways to Scale

FSS eFinclusiv exposes APIs to enable digital financial service providers to enhance their service offerings, improving partner and customer engagement and building new sources of value. FSS eFinclusiv Open API Services Hub enables banks to expose APIs to a host of partners to develop innovative financial services including micro-loans, micro-pensions, security and microinsurance. Banks benefit as it helps them expand the ecosystem, embeds their position within the value chain to build upon the traditional customer-bank relationship and maintain their share of the market.

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Presence-less Layer - Authentication APIs

  • Demographic Authentication
  • Aadhaar Authentication
FSS Tech

Paperless Layer -
Onboarding APIs

  • eKYC and eSign
  • Save/Fetch to Digilocker
  • Aadhaar Seeding
FSS Tech

Cashless layer -
transaction APIs

  • Cash Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • AadhaarPay
  • Reversals
FSS Tech

Account related

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Beneficiary Account Validation
  • Cash Deposit Advise
  • Green PIN
  • Change PIN
FSS Tech

Simplified Merchant and Customer On-boarding

FSS eFinclusiv leverages the India Stack eKYC and eSign APIs for remote customer onboarding, enabling financial service providers to realize significant cost and productivity-related efficiencies.

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Implementation Models

FSS eFinclusiv provides an option to offload transactions from the Switch, saving costs of opening and maintaining entry level, no-frills accounts. For card-based transactions, eFinclusiv interfaces with the bank’s CMS host to authorize PIN transactions. For Aadhaar-based transactions (with biometric authentication), the system integrates with the Bank’s Core Banking host and the AEPS network.

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