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FSS QR Pay is an interoperable payment acceptance solution. The solution integrates with multiple channels and is backed by multiple international payment schemes like Visa and Mastercard.

FSS QR is a one stop shop for QR based payments where merchants will only need to display one QR for all the channels.

Integrations – Supports Interoperability

Key Capabilities


Easily interfaced with all existing and new payment channels

Supports multiple channels, multiple instruments

Supports Merchant Hierarchy

Multi chain retailers, counter level management

An infrastructure light, interoperable digital payment solution that aims at enabling easy, quick and secure payments at merchant locations or physical stores, irrespective of the size and scale of merchants, the solution is scalable horizontally and vertically

Simple Merchant on-boarding

Easy Generation and download of QR Codes onto the vendors

Decentralized process of QR generation as member banks and merchants can easily download QR codes from the respective web portals

Transparent dissemination of QR codes

Dynamic and Static QR Codes generation

Depending upon the business use case, the QR codes can be generated in static mode or can be generated dynamically by the merchant

Cost Effective

Boosts Merchants’ confidence in the bank as no additional charges for merchants for using QR as a payment acceptance solution

Benefits to Banks
Benefits to Merchants
Benefits to Customers

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