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Cardholders expect ATM networks to function 24*7. To deliver an assured service experience banks need round-the-clock proactive banks need a round-the-clock ATM monitoring system to provide visibility into the performance of their multi-vendor, multi-technology ATM networks.

Cardholders expect ATM networks to function 24*7*365. To deliver an assured service experience banks need a round-the-clock monitoring system to provide real-time visibility into the performance of their multi-vendor, multi-technology ATM networks.

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State-of-the-art Managed
Services Centre (MSC)

FSSNeT Managed Services Centre combines versatile capabilities like cutting-edge monitoring and incident management tools for automated operations and highly trained specialists for round-the-clock ATM monitoring and management. FSS’s data centers are monitored and maintained from two facilities located in Mumbai and Chennai and are built on Information Security Management best practices and guidelines. These centers run parallel operations which puts us in an advantageous position and enable us to accelerate recovery process and ensure ATM service delivery in event of a disaster.

End to End Monitoring and Incident Management

  • Terminal and switch-based monitoring
  • Remote agent-based monitoring
  • Fault monitoring
  • Cash management
  • SLA and vendor management
  • Incident management and ticketing
  • Transaction analytics
  • Rule engine compliance
  • Fraud surveillance

Enhanced ATM Availability

The ability to capture real-time ATM data and analyze granular details enables banks to facilitate proactive maintenance and guarantee better ATM availability. It helps resolve issues before they can impact operations and ensure uninterrupted services.

Granular Actionable Insights

Decision support system helps analyze ATM transaction data and convert it into meaningful insights to help enhance operational efficiency, productivity and deliver differentiated customer service. Interactive and customizable monitoring dashboard presents real-time data related to self-service machines in the form of display charts. This provides comprehensive visibility across the ATM network and helps optimize operations.

Accelerated Incident Resolution

Remote command and control, ticket automation, incident categorization, automated dispatch management, and close follow up with FLM and SLM vendors help resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Associated Services

File Exchange Services

Improve agility and compliance through remote file exchange services and content management

ATM Managed Services

FSS ATM managed services enable banks to efficiently rationalize monitoring and ensure proactive maintenance, uninterrupted services

ATM End to End Services

Managed services with additional components of ATM deployment and caretaker services

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