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In a crowded acquiring landscape, the ability to deliver an assured service experience is a critical driver influencing the merchant’s choice of POS networks. FSS POS Monitor, a multi-vendor terminal monitoring and performance management tool, enables acquirers to effectively operate and maximize the uptime of their PoS network.

The solution is device agnostic and monitor terminals of all major brands for faults, performance and availability.

Effective incident management with real-time event alerting and automatic escalations, improves time to resolution, reduces maintenance costs while ensuring network efficiency. Accurate visibility of the entire PoS fleet through detailed dashboards and reports aids banks improve business planning and optimizes terminal management.

Monitors Real-time Terminal Health Status

The system manages the entire PoS environment by proactively monitoring all network devices, including peripheral components and sends continuous updates on the health status of sub-components:

  • Barcode reader
  • Keyboard
  • Biometric scanner
  • NFC reader
  • Camera
  • Paper status
  • Chip card reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Display

For issues detected during peripheral monitoring, the system alerts vendors for quick remediation.

Proactive Service Monitoring

FSS PoS Monitor proactively identifies incidents and troubleshoots issues reducing downtime. Bank users can configure alerts and SLAs for effective problem resolution in case of a fault, reducing manual intervention.

Effective Terminal Estate Management 

FSS POS Monitor provides a unified view of all devices in the estate. Users can track any PoS device within the network to view the device location and availability status.

Seamless Service Management

On-the-go, real-time updates

An easy-to-use mobile app provides bank users a comprehensive real-time view of the service status of POS devices on the network. The app assists operators to easily locate POS devices on the map while also displaying incident notifications, ticket status and fault reports on the go.

Simplifies service management

A web-based user portal improves operational efficiency by enabling banks to easily set-up and configure services, access dashboards and view detailed reports on ticket status and faults.

Manage POS Terminals Applications Remotely

An agent-based implementation supports remote installation of application updates as per regulatory requirements or evolving customer needs. Operators can remotely activate, upgrade, deactivate terminals and schedule software upgrades reducing manual intervention and saving costs from onsite visits.

Interactive Dashboards
and Detailed Reports

Extensive dashboards indicate key parameters related to fault/tickets, application download, terminals and keys. Standard reports include:

Faulty, active/de-active terminals
Key Injection success/failure report
Battery status
Maintenance activities

Facilitates Remote Key Loading and Management

FSS POS Monitor interfaces with HSM and host application to provide an automated and cost-effective process for the management and secure updation of encryption keys.

Assures Data Security

The system ensures maximum security against compromises and data theft by implementing measures such as:

  • Secure management of cryptographic keys in a HSM environment
  • Secure transmission of data with hosts
  • Implementation of OWASP policies

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